About us

WellTech has decades of industry leading expertise in health and wellbeing, including software, training and customer service – so you’re in safe hands!

We offer a range of clinically validated equipment, tried and tested by ourselves to support our software solutions. All products are fully supported and optional training can also be arranged at an additional cost.

All software programmes have been tried and tested, with thousands of clients using it every year across the UK.

Although our software and equipment solutions are all easy to use, we see little point in selling you something without showing you how to get the best from it. We are passionate about our product range and see it as our job to guide you from the start, and support you throughout to ensure you get the best out of our services.  

Our trainers include arguably the best in the industry with exceptional technical knowledge, supported with physiology and we provide dedicated UK Support – Ensuring quick and effective assistance when you need it.

Contact us on 0800 130 33 70 or info@welltechsolutions.co.uk for more information.

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