Smoke Check SC01

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Smoke Check SC01

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The CareFusion SmokeCheck is a low-cost Carbon Monoxide monitor designed to simplify the process of screening cigarette consumption, and is an invaluable tool in smoking cessation programmes.

The Smoke Check displays parts per million (PPM) of Carbon Monoxide on its clear LCD display, and when used in conjunction with the smoking cessation guide chart, %COHB are readily available.

The Smoke Check features single-button operation and coloured light indicators to simplify patient understanding of the process:

• Green: 0 to 6ppm
• Amber: 7 to 10ppm
• Red: 11 to 20ppm
• Flashing red and alarm: >20ppm

The monitor is supplied complete with a hard-shell carry case, sample mouthpieces, one-way plastic mouthpiece adapter, 9v battery and full user instructions.

In common with all CO monitors, it is recommended that the SmokeCheck is calibrated every 6 months to ensure that accuracy is maintained.


• Single switch operation
• Instant readout
• Measures carbon monoxide in PPM
• Breath hold timer for more accurate measurements
• Requires a 9V PP3 battery (supplied)