A1c Now + Monitor IFCC Pack x 20

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PTS A1c Now + Monitor IFCC Pack x 20 tests

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Lab Quality Results at the point of care

The A1CNow®+ system provides healthcare professionals with a fast (5 minutes) and easy way of obtaining accurate A1C results with just a fingerstick. This innovative technology enables clinicians to communicate face-to-face with patients about their diabetes control in minutes, not days.

HbA1c is a good indicator for blood glucose levels over a period of 8 – 12 weeks. This is particularly useful in diabetes where good, long-term glycaemic control is essential.  .

  • More efficient than the lab
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Small (5 µL) blood sample
  • Portable – use in multiple exam rooms
  • Easy to use – minimal training required
  • Available in 10-count and 20-count test configurations
  • No maintenance
  • Available with IFCC (mmol/mol)


  • National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program Certified
  • CLIA-waived
  • IFCC-traceable
  • FDA-cleared
  • CE-marked

Click here to download the A1CNow user guide

Click here to download the A1CNow-System-Control-Log 

A1cNOW+ Storage Conditions:

The A1cNow+ 20 pack test kits (for professional use),

2- 8°C (Stored in the Fridge)

Stored in the fridge =  the kit will last until it’s expiry date.

Room Temprature 18-28°C:

Stored at room temperature at all times: the kit will last 4 months.

Fridge + Room Temperature: If stored in and out of the fridge, the test kits are valid until their expiry date as long as the cumulative storage time at 18- 28°C does not exceed 4 months in total.

Important notes

In-vitro use only

In conjunction with a clinical assessment, the A1CNow®+ system can be used as a tool to help assist in the screening for diabetes, or diagnosis of diabetes as well as the more traditional use – that of monitoring diabetes.  All local guidelines for diagnosis or screening of diabetes should be followed.

To be used by trained healthcare professionals.